Purpose of the Guild


1. To promote through the expansion of Co-operation such conditions of life as will ensure for all people equal opportunities for full and free development.

2. To educate women in the principles and practice of Co-operation in order that they shall be loyal members of their Societies and play a full part in the control of the Co-operative Movement.

3. To encourage and prepare women to take part in local, national and international affairs.

4. To work for the establishment of world peace.

5. To provide social, cultural and recreational activities through which members may live a full and interesting life.


Objects 1 and 2

  • Branches should see that their members are fully informed on all aspects of their Society, e.g. democratic structure, professional management, history, position of women, (as members and employees), functions of Member Relations and Political Committees. Such information may be conveyed by means of speakers, quizzes, brains trusts, any questions etc.
  • Guild members should be encouraged to be members of Co-operative Societies in their own right, rather than family membership in order to attend Members’ Meetings. Guilds should support activities organised by the Member Relations and Education Committees etc. Branches should encourage and assist members to fit themselves for service on the Board of Directors and other Society Committees. The principles of Consumer Co-operation should be discussed and understood, and attention should be paid to other forms of Co-operation, e.g. Workers’ Co-ops, Marketing Co-ops.

Object 3

  • The Branch programme should include as speakers, or discussion leaders, local Councillors, Magistrates, Members of Parliament, representatives of other organizations.
  • Branches should discuss all local issues and should be represented on local committees, standing conferences, etc.
  • Members should be encouraged to watch all forms of the media for items of national and local interest.
  • Branches should seek to promote local campaigns, such as nursery schools, anti-pollution, traffic problems, town development and, wherever possible, send representatives to conferences and schools on such matters.
  • Members should be active in all forms of community work, especially seeking to establish contact with groups from other nationalities. Members should be made aware of the work of the International Co-operative Alliance and pen friendships should be sought.

Object 4

  • Branches should establish contact with local peace groups and other like minded organisations. Where Regions or Districts have set up international funds for the purpose of sending a representative to the International Co-operative Alliance Congress, branches should try to hold a money raising event in aid of this fund.
  • The Branch programme should include speakers and discussion on disarmament, United Nations, international conferences and newspaper articles could be used as discussion material. Action through letters, petitions, deputations, should follow.

Option 5

  • Branches may organise outings, visits to places of interest, theatres, concerts.
  • Programmes can include handicrafts, dress-making, play readings, film shows, discussions on books, magazines etc.
  • Members should be encouraged to take part in the National Contests and to express themselves through the use of their own talents.
  • Branches should establish contact with the local Adult Education Service and make sure that members are aware of the facilities available.

Keeping up to Date

  • The Aims, Objects, Policy and Rules of the Guild are not static. They can be altered at Congress and Branch Officials should make sure that they keep up to date with any changes taking place. Do not let the Branch live in the past. Look ahead and be ready to send forward new ideas for consideration at Congress.

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