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Co-operative Women's Guild Rainbow BannerThe Co-operative Women’s Guild was founded in 1883 (1892 in Scotland) to educate women in the principles and practices of Co-operation and to work for the improvement of the status of women.  It is an auxiliary of the Co-operative Movement.

* cultural and social activities
* full democratic rights
* community involvement
* visits and demonstrations
* consumer affairs

What is the Guild?
Co-operative Womens Congress 2010 HallEarly Guildswomen campaigned and achieved much.  Maternity benefits were included in the 1911 National Insurance Act because of the CWG pressure.  At the same time the CWG also campaigned successfully for infant welfare facilities.

The CWG today is still battling for social justice and is constantly monitoring and lobbying on social policy issues.

After World War 1 the CWG actively campaigned for peace and introduced the White Peace Poppy in 1933.  These are widely distributed today and working for world peace is an important part of Guild policy.

The CWG is a democracy of working women and besides making its opinion heard by national and local governments and national bodies, Guildswomen also enjoy outings and social functions organised by many CWG branches.

How do I fit in?
Congress 2011Democracy is the key word in the CWG and democracy starts at the grass roots membership.  Guildswomen belong to a branch who organise their own programme.

In England and Wales there are 9 Regions.  Each Region elects a representative for their particular District who organises events for branches and provides help and support for branches, especially new ones.  Co-operation is the keyword throughout the structure.

The CWG President at Congeress 2013

The CWG President at Congeress 2013

Each Region elects a member to serve on the National Executive Committee and the NEC elects each year one of its number to be President and another to be Vice-President.  The terms of office begins at one Annual Congress and ends at the following Annual Congress.  Annual Congress decides on CWG policy.  Branches may submit resolutions to be debated by delegates.

The CWG has a place for all.  There is no pressure to stand for any position.  If a Guildswoman feels that she does want to learn about the CWG then she will receive all the support and encouragement possible.

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